1. Equipment Purchases:
    Donations to ECHF are used to purchase medical equipment for emergency responders and Edwards County medical facilities.
  2. Community Health Projects:
    Through a letter of request or Grant Application, community health fairs, educational programs and information is made available to the community by Foundation donations.
  3. Advancement Education: Improving your job skill to advance position*
  4. Scholarships: Students with 60 college credit hours enrolling in medical education*
  5. Specialty Training: Persons seeking response training certified nurse’s aide, etc*
                *see guidelines below

*Scholarship/Training Requirements
Scholarship-- $500 per semester Fall/Spring

  1. Must have at least 60 college credit hours
  2. Scholarship will apply to healthcare courses only
  3. Letter of acceptance in medical program from school and list of enrolled classes
  4. Letter of application to ECHF
  5. Submit grades to ECHF at end of each semester to maintain eligibility. Maintain 3.0 or above GPA

Specialty Training– response training, certified nurse aide, etc.
(Must be 18 to apply, continuing Ed. Hours not eligible)

  1. Provide training information
  2. 80% costs of class and books, not to exceed $500
  3. Letter of acceptance from school
  4. Letter of application to ECHF
  5. Submit grades to ECHF at end of program

Advancement Education– Improving your job skill to advance position

  1. Letter from Administrator approving training.
  2. Letter of acceptance in program from school or training facility
  3. Letter of application to ECHF. Submit grades to ECHF at end of each semester to maintain eligibility

Some of our contributions include:

Stryker recliner to the Edwards County Hospital
Donation to Lewis Wellness Center
Contributed to: Edwards County Hospital Men's & Women's Health Fairs
Contributed to: Offerle Fire Department's concrete floor
Contributed to: Kinsley Library medical publications
Contributed to: Edwards County food bank
Contributed to: Walking Path
Contributed to: IED for KOES School
Contributed to: T-shirts for Kinsley-Offerle Recreation Commission
Monetary donation to all Edwards County Volunteer Fire Department's
Contributed to: ER Trauma table for Radiology
Through a memorial donation and request from Teresa Wilkerson’s family we purchased a Hydraulic Push/Pull Dynamometer for ECH physical therapy department.
and Numerous scholarships, specialty training, and advanced education grants.